About BreakingOutBad

Well hello.

I’m a full time futures trader (/ES) looking to share my knowledge of trading, the market(s), the economy, and sometimes politics (when it relates to trading, the market(s), the economy) with anyone interested in reading.

I started this blog for the same reason that I created a Twitter account (@BreakingOutBad): to communicate with and learn from those in the trading community. I’m interested in learning from others just as much as I am interested in sharing what I’ve learned from the 10 years that I’ve been involved in the financial markets.

Much like my Twitter account, this blog will feature a great deal of trading, economic, and market-related information, insights, and tips communicated in a usually coherent, always vulgar, never politically correct fashion. If my vulgarity offends you, then turn on CNBC where you can get clean yet useless bullshit fed to you on a daily basis.

Trading, much like life, is a journey. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, it throws you a curve ball. In trading, those curve balls can be drawdowns, blown up accounts, margin calls, or perhaps the worst, your CNBC feed experiencing technical difficulties, rendering you completely useless as a trader. It is during those darkest days in your trading career when communicating with and leaning on other trusted traders can make the difference between throwing in the towel and quitting or grabbing your dick and overcoming adversity to become the trader you’ve always wanted to be. It is my hope that this blog/my Twitter account will help you to avoid those darkest days or find a way to fight through the adversity.

If you have any questions related to trading, then feel free to send me a Mention or Direct Message on Twitter @BreakingOutBad.

Happy trading, traders.