Video / Screencast / The Importance of Focusing on Your Process Execution and the Objective Trade and Day Grading Tool

Screencast Video and downloadable, customizable Objective Trade and Day Grading Tool can be found below.

This screencast is a follow-up to a previous post that I wrote titled Boost Your Trading Performance by Objectively Grading Trades and Days. In that post, I discuss the importance of judging (and grading) each trade that you take and each day that you’re active in the market based not on the P&L outcome, but instead, on your execution of process. As communicated in the post, we can’t control when we get paid, but we can control how well we execute our process. Most of what’s contained in that post lines up with the content in the following screencast and tool, but there are a few differences. These differences include:

  1. The fact that there’s an actual tool to download and use (below) for personal use (this previously wasn’t available).
  2. The styling of the tool has been improved upon in the tool available to download as well as in the screencast, compared to the style of the tool in the previous post’s screenshots.
  3. The total number of potential points for the trade grading scale has increased in the tool available for download as well as in the screencast from 45 points (as seen in the previous post) to 50 points.
  4. Other minor differences.

Watch the Screencast Tutorial for the Objective Trade and Day Grading Tool

The following video is a 1 hour and 41 minute audio narrated screencast that I created which will walk you through the process of using the Objective Trade and Day Grading Tool to track your execution of process progress. In addition, I’ve included a link (directly below this video) to view and either 1) make a copy of (for Google Drive) or 2) download (for Excel) the Objective Trade and Day Grading Tool for your own personal use. Please make sure that you watch the video prior to using the tool in order to ensure that you are using it as it’s intended to be used.

Make a Copy of or Download the Objective Trade and Day Grading Tool Google Sheet for Personal Use

Here is the link to my Objective Trade and Day Grading Tool Google Sheet document as described in this post. Though the document itself is not editable, feel free to “Make a Copy” within Google Drive by going to File -> Make a Copy (you need a Google Drive account in order to be able to do this). As an alternative, you can download it as a spreadsheet file which can then be opened in your offline spreadsheet app of choice by going to File -> Download As and then selecting your desired file format for export. After you make a copy of or download the document, you can edit and use it without restriction.

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